Indian Art & Culture

Indian culture is an unparalleled one in its vastness and depth. Spreading its branches like an eternal banyan tree, it has been growing, through ages, manifesting its manifold forms, the beauty and wonders of which are not only enriching life, but also depicting its inherent ethos and vision, despite the onslaught of alien influences and impacts.

Howing its firm roots in the basic spiritual vision of India, it has, in its pursuit of Truth, Beauty and Benevolence, underlying the aspirations of human perfection, evolved into systems and forms which are not only the expressions of her spirit and mission, but also, serving to rejuvenate it.

Indian music, dance and theatrical arts are three major forms of the artistic genicus of India. Individually as well as mingled into one another, they have influenced life in general and other art forms in particular, contributing to their mutual growth. It is through these arts, that the abstract form of the visions of the race are portrayed in forms tangible to the common mass also, enabling them to imbibe, assimilate their sublime content. And, inducing and encouraging them to nourish it, and develop it further.

Thus it becomes the sacred duty of every one of us to understand, appreciate, preserve and develop this treasure of our heritage and to see that it flows perpetually to generations to come.

Inspired with this awareness, cherishing a spirit of service to Arts, endeavoring to promote and develop these art forms of Music, dance and Theatre, and to meet the long felt need of stable Forum to realize this, “Ajit Kumar Smaraka Samskrutika Vedike” has come into being. And, it is marching ahead in this line, with the blessings and support of renowned personalities of the land. We welcome you to join hands with us.