AWARDS (2019)

Kasaragodu Chinna (Srinivasa Rao) Theatre

Karanataka and Kerala state academies have honoured Sri Kasaragodu Chinna for his contribution to the field of Drama.  He is a Senior Actor, Director, an Organiser and an ambassador of Culture from the field of Theatre.

Chinna was Born on 11th September 1957 in Kerala. After his graduation in B.A. joined Adarsha Film institute to study Theatre and got Gold Medal. In 1969 he started his acting carrier by acting in a play called “Thali Kattakke Thayar” “ತಾಳಿ ಕಟ್ಟಕ್ಕೆ ತಯಾರ್”. He has acted in many Kannada, Thulu, Malayam, Konkini and English dramas.

Sri Chinna has served in Akashvani and Doordarshan as an Actor. He has acted in Cinema also.

Considering his contribution to the field of Drama this year’s “Ajitha Sri” award has been given to Mr. Kasaragodu Chinna.


Smt. Bhargavi Narayan   Theatre



Smt. Bhargavi Narayan is a well known in field of Theatre, Films and T.V., She was born in Bengaluru on 4.2.1939.

Smt. Bhargavi is the wife of Late Sri. B.N. Narayan (Makeup Nani) and from 1950 she has been acting in Dramas, Films and T.V. serials. She has received an award for her supporting role in the movie “Prof. Huchhuraya”.

She has written and directed many small plays for All India Radio – Akashavani. She has acted in plays directed by Prof. B.C. Prasanna, B.V. Rajaram and H.V. Venkata Subbaiah and she is proud for having acted with Great Actors such as Sri Nani, Sri Upasane Seetharam, Parvatha Vani and others.

Smt. Bhargavi Narayan has been awarded this year’s “Natyashree” for writing, directing short plays and for acting.

Vidwan S. Shankar

Karnatic Music



Vidwan S. Shankar is a recipient of award “Sangetha Rathna” from Gayana Samaj and “Karnataka Kalasri” from Karnataka Sangeetha Nruthya Academy. He is a Senior Musician of Karnataka. He had initial lessons in music from his mother Smt. Rajamma Shastri and further Smt. Nagarathna Bai and Smt. Vallabha Kalyana Sundaram taught him the advanced levels of Music.

He worked in AGS Office after he got his Master Degree. Vidwan  S. Shankar is an “A” grade artiste in All India Radio and Doordarshan. He has conducted many workshops in music in UK, USA and Australia and other parts of world.

He has written extensively on Sri Sadhashiva Brahmendra, Sri Bhadrachala Ramadas and Sri D.V. Gundappa. He is recipient of many awards for his contribution to Music.

We are happy to award this year’s “Natyashree” to Vidwan S. Shankar for his immense contribution to the field of Music.

Dr. Thulasi Ramachandra




Dr. Thulasi Ramachandra is the recipient of Karnataka State award and Sangeetha Natya Academy award. She is proficient in Bharatha Natya – Kathak and Kuchipudi dance forms.

Dr. Thulasi Ramachandra has secured Two gold medals from Mysore University and M.A. degree holder in Kannada. Mysore University has awarded Doctorate for her thesis “Emergence and Evolution(Development) of Dance in Kannada Literature” (“ಕನ್ನಡ ಸಾಹಿತ್ಯದಲ್ಲಿ ನೃತ್ಯ ಕಲೆಯ ಉಗಮ ಮತ್ತು ವಿಕಾಸ ಅದ್ಯಯನ).

She started “Nruthyalaya” trust in the year 1977 and through that she has taught dance to Thousands of students and has started branches all over the world. Dr. Thulasi Ramachandra has written many books on Dance.

At present Dr. Thulasi Ramachandra is active in Smt Gangubai Hanagal Music Trust and serving as Syndicate member. She is  the recipient of many awards from various organisations.

We are happy to give “Natyasri” award to Dr. Thulasi Ramachandra who is Great Dancer and Teacher of our state.


AWARDS (2018)

Sri Keremane Shivananda Hegde

Sri Keremane Shivananda Hegde is the grandson of National Awardee Sri Shivarama Hegde and son of Solo Acting adventurer Sri Shambhu Hegde. At tender age of 12 years itself he started dancing. Later on after completing his B.A. degree became the student of famous dancer of Karnataka  Smt. Maya Rao, who is an exponent of Kathak Dance.

Sri Keremane Shivananda Hegde alogn with his father Sri Shivaram Hegde has given performances in India and abroad. He is at present President of Janapada and Tribal committee and is serving as the Council Member in Dr. Gangubai Hanagal Music University. He has been honoured by many institutions for his contribution and service to Yakshagana. He is the awardee of Aryabhata International award, Yakshagana Kalashekara, Nruthya Param and Yaksha Sarathi. Considering his service and achievement in Yakshagana, Ajitkumar Smaraka Samskrutika Vedike (R) has conferred “AJITHA SHREE” award for the year 2018


Sri Shashidhar Adapa 


Sri Shashidhar Adapa is one of the best stage designer of India. He was born on 1.9.1995 and had his education at St. Alocious College. After his studies he developed his liking for Theatre and started “Prathirupi” in the year 1984. He is providing stage design to Theatre and Films.He has the experience of working with great directors of Karnatka like Sri B.V. Karnath, Sri Shankarnag, Sri M.S. Sathyu, Sri  CGK and  Smt. Jayashree. In the years 2015 and 2016 He participated in Republic Day parade and his works “Channapattana Gombe” and “Gorava Veeragase” won much acclaim from people and award also. Four times he has received awards For Kannada Films stage designing

Considering his achievement and contribution to Theatre Ajitkumar Smaraka Samskrutika Vedike (R) has conferred “NATYA SHREE” award for the year 2018.

Vidwan Sri R.K. Padmanabha 

Vidwan Sri R.K. Padmanabha, is one of the best musician of Karnataka Sangeetha. Born in Rudrapattana of Hasan District served in State Bank of India for a short time and later dedicate his life to Karnatak Music. He started his own school of Music “Vijaya Sangeetha Shale” and guiding singers of Karnataka with immense love.

Karnataka Government has awardee Vidwan Sri R.K. Padmanabha and he has written about 350 Kritis and on his own created 75 ragas. He has specialised in Samuha Gana (Group Singing). Every year he is organising “Sri Vadiraja Jayanthi’ in India and abroad and has earned respect of people of India and Foreign countries. He has been organising Music programmed at his Native Village for last many decades.

Considering his achievement and immense contribution to Karnatak Music, Ajitkumar Smaraka Samskrutika Vedike (R) has conferred “NATYA SHREE” award for the year 2018.

Smt.Usha Datar

Smt Usha Datar is a Bharatha Natya dance teacher honoured with prestigious Karnatka State’s “Shantala” and State awardee. She is from Arasirkere of Hasan District. She is an expert in Bharatanatya, Kuchipudi, Mohini Attam and Kathakalli dance forms.

Smt Datar had her initial tuition from her mother Smt Snehaprabha and then studied at Kerala Kalamandalam, where she was awarded Vidwat. She studied Kuchupudi Temple dance form at “Andhra School of Abhinaya”  under the tutelage of Dr. Nataraja Ramakrishnannad Mysore Dance style from Dr. Venkatalakshamma. She started her own institution “Datar Institute fo Fine Arts”. Several institutions Karnataka has honoured her with various awards for her service and knowledge of Dance.

She is the recipient of “Srinivas Kulkarni Award” from Dhavanagere. She has served as Cultural Officer in B.E.L. and as Head of the Department of Dance and also Drama and Music at Bangalore University.

AWARDS (2017)

Dr. Sukanya Prabhakar

Dr. Sukanya Prabhakar is well known for singing Haridasara compositions with melodious alapana, Diction and immense emotion.She is the founder of “Surabhi Gana Kala Mandira” which conducts workshops, Demonstrations and open discussions on music.     She had the honour of singing and also introducing Haridasara compositions at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London. She has given performances at Mumbai, Kolkota, Ahamadabad and has won the hearts of music lovers.

She has been awarded P.hd for her work “Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar’s contribution to Karnataka Music”. “Sangeetha Casette” has brought out many collections of her singing of Haridasa compositions. 


Mr. Mandya Ramesh

Mr. Mandya Ramesh is an actor, teacher and founder of “Natana” a school for acting at Mysore. He has worked with great directors like Late B.V. Karanth, Late K.V. Subbanna , Sri Prasanna, Smt B. Jayashree and with many others. His performance in TV Serials and in Films is much appreciated by viewers.

He has given performances in many foreign countries*. Charandas chor, Sankranthi are some of the plays directed by him. He is the member of Central Cultural Department’s theatre wing and Nataka academy. He is a member of Rangayana, Ranga Samaja and guest lecturer at Mysore University’s Media and Communication department.

Natayacharya B.K 
    Dance and Music

Natyacharya B.K. Shamprakash has dedicated his life to Dance. He is the founder of “Keshava College of Dance and Music”, which is recognised by Bangalore University. He has served as Secretary of Karnataka Nritya Parishath and as an examiner for Dance Vidwath examination.

He has directed many dance dramas like Natya Shankara, Rukmini Parinaya, Mohana Tarangini etc. He is recipient of “Singara Mani” award by Bombay “Sur Singaru”. He is also a good Mridanga player and has played for many music and dance programmes.

For her dedication and talent we are honoring her with the Natyashree award for the year2014.

Prof R. Visweshwaran

Prof R. Visweshwaran is known for his purity of Shruthi, Rhythm and Melody. He is an expert in playing Veena and Gotuvadhyam.

His concerts are known for creativity and experimentation, which makes him unique among the musicians. He has developed his own style which captures the heart of music lovers. He has participated in many International Music Festivals at London and other places where he is respected by music lovers.

He is the recipient of Tagore, T. Chowdaiah and Karnataka State awards for his achievement and service.

AWARDS (2014)

Mr. C.H. Lokanath

He is one of the senior artist in the field of theater and movie who has crowned with the state award. Immediately after is academics he owned a business and gradually stepped in to the theaters.

Mr. Lokanath was part of Ravi Kalavidharu and performed several plays, he has good bonding with other people in the industry. While talking about his theater performance we have to mention few remarkable works like Thanuvu Ninnadhe Manavu Ninnadhe, Huthava badidhare, Kaakana kote, Galileo. Coming to his movie hit list how can someone miss Nagarahaavu, Gejje puje, Minchina ota, Bhoothayya na maga ayyu, Bangaradha Manushya.

We are proud and privileged to award him the Natyashree award to Mr. Lokanath for the year 2014.


Dr. Maya Rao

She is a renowned kathak teacher who gave greater contribution in the field of dance. Maya accompanied with her dance troop has performed across the globe. Her age doesn’t stop her from teaching her beloved students.

Dr. Maya Owes Natya Institute of Kathak which has been recognized by Bangalore University. Recently a book was published on her and the Bangalore University has honored her with Doctorate award.

For her dedication and talent we are honoring her with the Natyashree award for the year 2014.


H.K. Venkata Ram

He is one of the students of the famous International violin artist Mr. Laal gudi jayaram.

In the year 1975 he and his brother was part of a public sector, he was a ‘B’ artiest in radio those days. He has performed several programs in Dooradharshan and performed globally with his brother Mr. H.K. Subbha Rao.

Mr. Venakata Rao always stage up with the fame like padmabhushan R.K Srikantan, R.K. Padmanabh, Mr. Vidhyabhushan. He has been recognized and awarded by multiple organizations and the awards would be Nadhasiri, Karnataka Ghanakala Thapaswi, Thanthravidhyapraveena.

It’s our privilege to honor the extremely talented artist like H.K. Venkata Rao with Natyashree award for the year 2014.

AWARDS (2013)


Mrs. B. Bhanumathi
Dancing star

The state award winning fame Mrs. B. Bhanumathi is one of the talented dance teacher one can strive for. She has born in the year 1946 and was attracted towards dancing when she was 10. She has been trained by the legends like padmashree Dhandayudhapani pillai, Padmabhushan Dr. Venkatalakshamamma and Padma bhushana kalanidhi Narayana. Her talent has been recognized and awarded by major dance academies like Karnataka dance and music academy, Bharatheeya vidya bhavan, Chanakya foundation and many more. She has served the Indian government for the student’s welfare.

Bhanumathi has staged more than 2000 across the globe. She has performed in the major dance events hosted by the Karnataka government in Hampi, Pattadakal, Iholey, Badami.

She deserves to be awarded the Natyashree for the year 2013 in the field of dance.


Mr. K.S. Nagaraj Bhagavathar
Vocal Expert

One of Karnataka’s Vocal legendary Mr. K.S. Nagaraj Bhagavathar was born in the year 1919 in Hasan district. He has been trained by Mr. K.S. Venkataramaiah, Mr. R.R. Keshavamurthy and Narayanswamy Bhagavathar. Most of his students are todays well known artists. Mr. Nagaraj’s respects talent on money and supported the talent always. He is a socially responsible person, who thinks about social welfare and development.

Mr. Nagaraj has done multiple stage performance across Karnataka and gained appreciation for his performance. During the summit held at Hassan district has fetched him recognition in the vocal category.

We are proud to present Natyashree award to Mr. Nagaraj for the year 2013.


Mr. H.V. Venkatasubbaiah
Experienced Theater

He is one of the talented artists, who has recognized by Karnataka theater academy. He has worked as a Director, Lighting egg, art director. He was born in the city of Mysore in the year 1936 and graduated as a sound engineer post then he was employed with L.R.D.E

He was part of multiple theater groups in Bangalore. The so called famous name in the theater personalities Mr. Sriranga’s play has been staged by / directed by Venkatasubbaiah. He has been an active participant and development team for the growth of theaters as well as lighting department. Added to his multiple activities he served as a guest lecturer for mysore university, National theater school. He has a thirst for collecting the reputed photographs and books.In recognition of his service to theater, till now he has shouldered with numerous awards.

Hence we are happy to present Natyashree award for the year 2013 in recognition to his excellence in the field of theater.