Welcome to Ajit Kumar Vedike

Shri Ajit Kumar, a dedicated social worker, an able organizer, a yoga practitioner, a social thinker – was born in Gudibande village of Kolar district, in 1934. He imbibed leadership qualities right from his student days and rose to lead the Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishat, as the Secretary. He obtained degrees in two engineering branches – Electrical and Mechanical, but his inner being was always throbbing to work in the field of social service. In order to facilitate and promote service in various fields. 

He started a Forum as a social worker. He demonstrated that yoga can be incorporated in the areas of Music, dance and drama. With a zeal to reach Sanskrit to one and all he started Sanskrit section, so as to create and enhance awareness about Sanskrit and sanskrit teaching among the common mass. This has grown into an international movement today. He inspired, organized and trained a host of educated youths to go down to villages and serve the downtrodden village folk.