In early 2008, the Foundation was started in the name of shri Ajit Kumar, with a cultural objective in view, to promote Arts with the following objectives,

  • To provide a platform for the budding artists in the field of dance,music and theatre.
  • To felicitate accomplished artists who have rendered remarkable service in this field, conferring ‘Natya Shree’ award on them.
  • To provide, help and support to upcoming artists.
  • To arrange seminars and conferences, workshops etc.
    by experienced artists in order to augment the efficiency of the young artists.
  • The foundation has, till now, honoured with ‘Natya Shree Award’ the renowned dance teachers Shri M. R. Krishnamurthy,Shrimati Radha Shreedhar, and Smt. Lalita Srinivasan and also Shri R. Paramashivan who have achieved great heights in the field of Theatrical Art.